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Table 4 Correlation between total minutes spent in compassion meditation, expectations for improvement, and change scores*

From: Pilot study of a compassion meditation intervention in chronic pain

Variable Total minutes spent in compassion meditation Expectations for pain improvement Expectations for quality of life improvement
Change in BPI pain severity −0.15(0.64) 0.11(0.73) −0.33(0.30)
Change in BPI pain interference −0.26(0.42) 0.19(0.56) −0.22(0.49)
Change in pain acceptance 0.48(0.12) 0.66(0.02)§ 0.48(0.12)
Change in PROMIS anger −0.04(0.90) −0.63(0.03)§ −0.68(0.02)§
  1. * Results reported as Pearson product–moment correlation coefficient (p-value).
  2. § Significant correlation (p-value <0.05).