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Table 4 correlation between emotional support items

From: Stress in NHS staff triggers defensive inward-focussing and an associated loss of connection with colleagues: this is reversed by Schwartz Rounds

  I would be receptive and supportive if others within my team talked openly about the emotional impact of their work
TEAM Pre-Schwartz round Pre-schwartz - no exp Pre-schwartz – exp All
r (p-value) r (p-value) r (p-value) r (p-value) r (p-value)
I feel safe and supported to discuss the emotional impact of my work within my team −0.11 (0.760) 0.42 (0.001) 0.36 (0.041) 0.34 (0.046) 0.37 (0.003)
I avoid discussing the emotional impact of my work with my team for fear that people will see me as weak or emotionally unstable −0.42 (0.226) −0.33 (0.014) −0.28 (0.122) −0.41 (0.013) −0.34 (0.007)