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Table 2 Module descriptions

From: Encouraging compassion through teaching and learning: a case study in Cyprus

Module title Content
1. Applying Compassion within the context of the hospital setting Historical and religious backgrounds; attention to basic needs; example approaches to specific conditions; compassion across the organisation; cultural awareness; compassionate care during financial crisis; barriers and sustainability; can compassion be taught
2. Patient centred care in hospitals Main concepts and measurements; how to apply, what we need to change among the health care workforce, organizations and patients; seeing the person in the patient; implementation in the local setting – barriers and constraints
3. Applied compassionate care Developing a culture of compassionate care; enabling compassionate care in acute hospital settings; applied compassionate care; conflict transformation
4. Intercultural Communication Competence in Healthcare; Teamwork Communication in Healthcare The impact of culture in doctor-patient relationships as well as among staff members in healthcare settings; communication dynamics and strategies for effective and compassionate self-care, patient care, and in healthcare work teams.
5. Advanced communication skills Impact of consultation and communication style on the patient’s experience; advanced communication skills; employing effective communication tools; assessment of improvement of communication and consultation skills
6. The therapeutic compassionate relationship The healthcare Professional as a drug; impact of a good quality therapeutic relationship in patient satisfaction, professional fulfillment, compliance, complaints and effective time management; measuring the therapeutic relationship