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Table 2 Descriptive Statistics of the MES items

From: Midwifery empathy scale: development and validation for a greek sample

Question Mean Std. Deviation
1. I believe that empathy plays an important role in midwifery care. 1,46 ,683
2. Midwives should understand the emotional situation of the women and their families. 1,45 ,590
3. I can perceive the hidden feelings and thoughts of the women that are in my care. 2,42 ,796
4. During the taking of the medical history it is not important to pay attention to the women’s feelings. 5,04 1,276
5. Women’s emotions do not concern me. 5,55 ,853
6. Women feel better when they sense that they are understood. 1,32 ,603
7. I recognize the body language of a woman. 2,28 ,763
8. Body language is not as important as verbal communication for the understanding of the woman’s feelings. 4,52 1,300
9. I recognize when a woman is silent because of embarrassment. 2,07 ,693
10. I don’t get emotionally affected when I see women cry. 4,34 1,369
11. It is difficult for a midwife to see things from women’s perspective. 4,75 1,199
12. I try to stand in the woman’s shoes, so I can better understand her. 1,99 ,991
13. I show that I am willing to listen to the woman by always sitting near her. 1,70 ,774
14. I would spend time to take care of women after my work hours. 2,54 1,271
15. Midwife’s touch encourages the woman. 1,66 ,742
16. I avoid to touch the woman I am caring for, in order to keep a distance. 5,05 ,886
17. I think it is important to touch a woman when I am caring for her. 1,90 ,840
18. Very sensitive women irritate me. 4,58 1,211
19. There were times that I witnessed a woman cry and I got emotional. 2,32 1,131
20. Many times I left work and I kept thinking of a woman I was caring for. 1,90 ,960
21. I don’t think part of my job to occupy myself with the problems of the woman I care. 4,85 1,188
22. I feel satisfaction when women feel better with my care. 1,31 ,704
23. If I realize that a woman is afraid, I spend time trying to reassure her. 1,58 ,743
24. I could go against hospital rules in order to help a woman. 3,14 1,304
25. I usually stay emotionally detached from the women that are in my care. 4,26 1,322