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Table 1 Factor loadings for the compassion to others scales

From: The development of compassionate engagement and action scales for self and others

  UK sample
Compassion to Others – Engagement – Scale items Factor 1
 2. I notice and am sensitive to distress in others when it arises. .88
 1. I am motivated to engage and work with other peoples’ distress when it arises. .85
 6. I reflect on and make sense of other people’s distress. .79
 4. I am emotionally moved by expressions of distress in others. .77
 8. I am accepting, non-critical and non-judgemental of others people’s distress. .72
 5. I tolerate the various feelings that are part of other people’s distress. .65
Variance 67.03
Cronbach’s alpha .90
Compassion to Others – Actions – Scale items Factor 1
 2.2. I think about and come up with helpful ways for them to cope with their distress. .94
 2.1. I direct attention to what is likely to be helpful to others. .89
 2.4. I take the actions and do the things that will be helpful to others. .86
 2.5. I express feelings of support, helpfulness and encouragement to others. .86
Variance 84.00
Cronbach’s alpha .94