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Table 3: Characteristics of literature review

From: Young carers: growing up with chronic illness in the family - a systematic review 2007-2017

Reference Dataset Aim Search strategy Strategy of data analysis and the critical evaluation
Marote et al. (2012)
a total of 21 documents localized were submitted to critical evaluation for timeframe of 1993–2010 To undertake an integrative review of studies relating to children as carers, and to identify the role performed by nurses along with these children Literature reviews were carried out at two points during the process of collection of information in 2010 The analysis of the primary studies’ quality considered the date and the structure of publication, regarding the study objectives, the methodology, the results and the conclu-sions obtained in each one. To this end a spreadsheet was created, using Microsoft Excel 2007, with the extraction of information and its inputting on the spreadsheet being undertaken by two independent evaluators.