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Table 4: Methodological quality of systematic review – CASP Checklist

From: Young carers: growing up with chronic illness in the family - a systematic review 2007-2017

A Are the results of the review valid? 1
 1. Did the review address a clearly focused question? ++
 2. Did the authors look for the right type of papers? +
 3. Were all of the important, relevant studies included??
 4. Did the review’s authors do enough to assess the quality of the included studies? ++
 5. If the results of the review have been combined, was it reasonable to do so? ++
B What are the results?
 6. What are the overall results of the review? ++
 7. How precise are the results? +
C Will the results help locally?
 8. Can the results be applied to the local population? +
 9. Were all important outcomes considered? ++
 10 Are the benefits worth the harms and costs? +