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Table 1 Key Recommendations formed during the ECM

From: Compassionate care provision: an immense need during the refugee crisis: lessons learned from a European capacity-building project

•All healthcare professionals need to be prepared to deliver culturally competent, compassionate and person-centred care. The content of this care should involve a trained multidisciplinary team by using proactive outreach to identify vulnerable refugees.
•The assessment of health needs and personal preferences should be done at all stages and settings, in conjunction to applying diseasespecific recommendations for evidence-based care.
•Quality interpretation services must be provided, by avoiding as much as possible informal interpreters and using children as interpreters.
•Health information and all services needed to be tailored and suitable according to the level of refugee health literacy.
•Refugee values, societal beliefs, wishes, experiences and particularities needed to be assessed by well-trained and empowered on cultural competences and compassionate care PHC professionals.